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These student-created original videos seek to educate Las Vegas drivers on the dangers of distracted driving - especially texting and driving.  The winning video gets $2,000 from our friends at Findlay Automotive.  Watch each one and vote for your favorite!  Then join us and add your pledge to stop texting and driving.

Is It Worth It?

Every day you make a thousand decisions, big and little ones, which impact your future.  When you get behind the wheel, make the smart choice and put your phone away.  Don’t drive distracted.  The choice is yours.  Choose to drive.

“The best way to end distracted driving is to educate all Americans about the danger it poses…Together we can help save lives.”   (

Your personal safety is important to us.  Phone calls, text messages, using GPS, fixing your hair in the mirror, adjusting the radio – little distractions can add up to big trouble behind the wheel.  Keep your eyes and mind on the road.

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What Matters?

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